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Material Supply Services
Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering and Drilling Services
Computers, Electrical and Instrumentation Services
Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication
Marine Engineering and Logistics
Facility Construction And Engineering Services, And Real Estate Management
Manpower Consultancy
Manpower Development and Training

1. Computers and Applications consultancy
a). Movement of large scale HTE/PC machines and accessories
b). Installation/Upgrade of HTE/PC Hardware, transfer standards/add-on/upgrades, re-installation of accessories and component parts
c). Installation of standard HTE/PC software applications including operating systems, applications, networking and emulator software, transfer of standard HTE/PC software
d). HTE/PC training, end-user feed-back support, local and overseas training of staff
e). HTE/PC maintenance, equipment services, configuration, resolution of day-to-day help desk matters
f). THE/PC systems management services, software and servers installation, system maintenance, control of networking facilities, plotters and printers, creation of users’ accounts, end-user support
g). Help desk maintenance, equipment services, configuration, resolution of day-to-day help desk matters
h). Creation of users accounts, end-user support

a) installation, calibration, testing and commissioning of pneumatic and / or for electrical/electronic instruments
b) Programmable controller systems
c). Computerized systems
d. Blender systems
e. Metering
f. Tank gauging systems
g. Air supply systems (air compressors and air driers)
h. Oxygen system (valves, impulse lines, gaseous oxygen services)
i. Instrument supports and impulse lines
j. Weather proofing
k Installation of pre-fabricated consoles Systems cabling Instrument signal cables Cable trenches: routing backfilling and reinstatement, cable protection at ground level Sealing of trenches, cable tiles Cable truncking and traywork Instrument junction boxes Electrical signal lines Electric signal cable handling Pneumatic signal lines Numbering and identification of-signal lines and junction boxes Earthing and screening of instrumentation systems and installations Equipment in the control center – earthing systems for computers, isolation transformers, cabinets, logic circuitry of multiplexer, operator’s consoles, star point Signal lines and cable screens: analog signals Signal cable armouring and lead sheathing Inspection and testing: pneumatic signal lines, electrical instrumentation, instruments, instrument loops, systems for binary logic functions, utility supplies Commissioning of instrumentation systems

1. Electrical installation and maintenance
o Transmission lines, Transformers and metering and control stations, lighting installations, power fittings, instruments calibration and testing
o Generator synchronizing modes one-line diagram
o Generator Switchboard one-line diagram
o Generator/Emergency Switchboard one-line diagram

2. Control panel design and wiring
• Generators, UPS systems, UPS distribution panel, distribution panel

3. Process Control system design and wiring
o Field inter-connectivity, perimeter lighting, compressor building lighting, power and control plan
o Cable schedule, Grounding, cable tray, lighting junction boxes, Norma MCC front and rear wiring
o Emergency MCC one-line diagram and Guard hut power and control
o Cathodic protection, lighting protection, motor control schematics,
o Underground section cuts, Area site lighting plan photometrics
o Wiring diagram solar 24VDC & 120VDC system voltage
o Wiring diagram 24VDC & 125VDC system voltage

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