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Material Supply Services
Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering and Drilling Services
Computers, Electrical and Instrumentation Services
Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication
Marine Engineering and Logistics
Facility Construction And Engineering Services, And Real Estate Management
Manpower Consultancy
Manpower Development and Training

1. Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering Consultants including:
a). Geo-scientists (Explorationists, Seismologists / Geophysicists, Geologists)
b). Petrophysicists
c). Petroleum and Reservoir Engineers
d). Drilling and Well Engineers
e). Production Engineers

2. Petroleum/Geoscience Operations
a. Coring planning and execution and shipping
b). Well-site coring activities including formation evaluation while coring, core retrieval, sampling and description.
c). Core resination, quality control, quality assurance and core analysis
d). Core data loading e). Core description and interpretation
f). Core data and well log integration
g). Well testing, PVT data acquisistion, analysis and interpretation
h). Bore hole and well surveys
i). Seismic Interpretation and seismic velocity modelling
j). Seimic well shots acquisition and analysis
k). Sequence stratigraphic studies and Delineation of Environment of Deposition
l). Biostratigraphc studies
m). Seismic stratigraphic stuties
n). Reservoir characterization
o). Digitization (vectorization), Raster interpretation and auto-digitization, Scanning of documents, seismic sections, well logs, well data, core data, etc.

3. Petroleum Engineering services including:
a). Infilling mapping
b). Well site Geological services (Mud-logging, Completion supervision, picking of coring depths, Landing of horizontal wells; Cased and openhole data acquisition; Rigless activities and well testing supervision)
c). 3D Static reservoir modeling and Dynamic modeling
d). Petrophysical evaluation (Log editing, depth matching, joining; Log environmental corrections; Fluid type dtermination; Rock property evaluation; Core data integration)
e). Resistivity modeling
f). Generation of reservoir Area Vs Depth graphs
g). Generation of reservoir Proteus input files
h). Generation of reservoir Recovery Factor ranges using SUITE
i). Generation of reservoir simulation input files using GRIDER
j). Reservoir performance analysis
k). Initial pressure/temperature analysis
l). Generation of well lift curves
m). Generation of well production plots per intervals
n). Calculation of well completion efficiency
o). Well Gaslift design
p). Gaslift optimization of oil gain
e). Supply of well-site and Mud/Brine Engineering
f). Mud Logging
g). Provision of labour/Manpower/Consultancy (including Expatriates and Indigenous Drilling Engineers and Technicians)
h). Dredging
i). Integrated/Specialist Consultancy (Data/Document Management) services
k). Hydro-Geological incliding survey, drilling, installations and management

4. Supply of Equipment/ Oil & gas Tools and Chemicals
a). Oil and Gas field drilling production operations tools and equipment
b). Oil and Gas field chemicals and chemical products (Drilling, Completion, petrochemical, industrial)
c). Miscellaneous/Drilling and Production equipment (including Barges and Tugboats)
d). Heavy Duty Machinery

5. Manpower sourcing and supply
a. indigenous and expatriate personnel recruitment
b. Securing of expatriate Quota for technical jobs

6. Integrated and Independent Petroleum Engineering Studies and Projects
a. Field Review (FR) and Field development Planning (FDP)
b). Dump flooding nd water injection projects
c). Through tubing and coil tubing jobs
d). Special studies and project execution

7. Underground water monitoring

8 Geo-technical services for soil strenght
a). Foundation sounding
b). Drilling/Boring
c). Laboratory analysis
d). Penetrometer testing

9. Sub-surface Map Management

10. Field and Well Data migration

11. Well Data management including Composite well log making

12. Log Data Center management

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