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Material Supply Services
Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering and Drilling Services
Computers, Electrical and Instrumentation Services
Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication
Marine Engineering and Logistics
Facility Construction And Engineering Services, And Real Estate Management
Manpower Consultancy
Manpower Development and Training

1. Supply Of Materials For Marine And Offshore Installation Services

2. Marine Vessels Supply, Construction, Management, Operations And Maintenance Services
a. Transport Facilities such as Jetty Dry Dock Barges Tug Boats (Towing/Pusher boats) Live Boats Process Vessels Plat Forms Refurbishment/Upgrade units Top Sides Upgrade Cathodic Protectors Separators Tubulars House boats
b. Rental services for
• Ramp-Barge 1000 tons
• House boats
• Dumb-Barge 700 tons
• Ramp-Barge 800 tons
• Ramp-Barge 500 tons
• Fuel-Barge 500 tons
• Ramp-Barge 400 tons
• Water-Barge 400 tons
• Tug-Boats 500 HP
• Tug-Boats 700 HP
• Tractor Crane 40 tons
• Tyre crane 50 tons
• 950 CAT Pay Loader
• Gin Truck
• D22/25 Hammer
• Wheel Truck
• Concrete Mixer
• Lincolm Welding Machine

c. Equipment
• Welding Machines
• Spray Painting machine
• Cranes

d. Service Personnel / Work Force
e. Operational Base

3. Ship Yard Construction, Maintenance, Refurbishment and Related Services including: Port/Jetty Maintenance Engineering, Welding, Fabrication, Lubrication Engineering, Spare Parts Supply, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic And Electronics, Valet Cranes, portainer Cranes, Free Lifters, Mobile Cranes, Floating Cranes, Procurement and Logistics

4. Marine Engineering And Allied Services
• Construction and grading of storage tanks ad all types of steel materials, Fibre glass, etc.
• Overhauling, refurbishment and maintenance of generators and all kinds of heavy duty machines
• Mechanical works (Supply, maintenance, repair or overhaul of generators, bulldozers, excavators, dredgers, cranes, CAT engines, and other heavy duty machines).

5. Diving And Under Water Services
• Underwater inspection, corrosion survey and reporting
• Underwater welding and cutting
• Underwater cleaning
• Underwater installation, SBM maintenance, salvage and rescue
• Welding and fabrication
• Desilting and airlifting
• Underwater erosion control
• Pipeline repair
• Hyperbolic/sea bed survey
• Underwater Videoing and Survey

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